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HHW Volunteer Information

HHW Volunteer Signup         

Thank you very much for volunteering in the 2008 Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection event on Saturday, May 10,2008. The HHW event will take place at the corner of Northgate Mile and Anderson roads (old Fred Meyer parking lot). As indicated on the Volunteer Application, there are several volunteer positions from which you can select. Note that some volunteer positions require that you be on location at 7:30 am for training, and some positions require a whole day commitment.

The HHW event will be conducted by an experienced professional contractor trained in these events. The pre-event training will cover job responsibilities, safety awareness, and emergency response. While HHW events are conducted safely and successfully all around the country, this training is required to ensure that you are aware of the risks and the responsibilities of all participants. Also, since some volunteer positions will require lifting, turning, and/or standing for extended periods, please identify any restrictions that might limit your job assignment.

Below are brief descriptions of the volunteer opportunities. We ask for your flexibility as details of the volunteer roles, job descriptions, and schedules are finalized. If there is something you don’t feel comfortable doing at the event, just let any of the organizers know.

  • Set-up & Take Down Teams: Be an early-bird and help set-up, tables, tents, chairs, cones, and signs. Or, come at the end of the event (3 pm) to take down and clean up. Or, do both!

  • Greeters and Information Team: Bring your smile and personality to cheerfully assist the customers (the folks bringing their household waste). You will handout useful information, conduct surveys, count cars, and give helpful instructions.

  • Traffic Control Team: Wear a cool orange vest and look ‘official’ as you direct cars to entry points, check for proof of residency, direct cars to exit points, and do a lot of signaling and pointing.

For those who desire a more hands-on approach or have specialized training, these glamorous job assignments include (under the supervision of the contractor):

  • Unloading Area: Like a SWAT team, you come to the vehicles and carefully inspect, remove, and transfer wastes to the holding area (requires HAZWOPER training).

  • Sorting Area: Using your detective skills, you identify and sort the various waste types (requires HAZWOPER training).

  • Latex Paint Area: Similar to Paintball (in that, you get paint on your clothes) you segregate usable paint, and ‘bulk’ (combine, containerizing) unusable latex paints.

  • Oil and Antifreeze Area: For those with Jiffy Monkey experience, segregate, combine, and containerize oil and antifreeze (requires HAZWOPER training).

A few things to consider for the event are the weather, your comfort, and that you might get dirty; so dress appropriately. There will be a hand wash area and refreshments for volunteers. If you have questions, visit the HHW Homepage (www.ifearthday.com/HHW/) or contact the Chairperson (Steve Heaton; 528-2650) or Volunteer Coordinator (Dave Gianotto; 526-8529) Again, thank you for volunteering in this environmentally worthwhile event.

HHW Volunteer Signup